32 oz. Rum Buckets
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Minimum Order Qty - 500
Case Pack - 250
Case Size - 24" x 10" x 26"
Case Weight - 22 lbs. 

​Rum Buckets are one of the most popular promotional drink ware items to be seen at many of the pool bars and night bars along Florida's coastal beaches and many other states. Rum buckets are best served with 32 oz. of your favorite rums along with a wide variety of mixed fruit punches that can be used to make any assortment of flavoring a sure winner. Blue Ray Promotions takes great pride in being one of the largest supplier of these buckets to liquor companies, distributors, bars and restaurants all across the United States and abroad. Our 32 oz. plastic rum buckets come in white and clear, and can be printed on one or more sides of the bucket. Rum buckets are stackable, so they don't take up a lot of space behind the bar or in the storage room. Custom printed rum buckets create a high profit margin while providing a fun and unique experience for each guest that buys one of your signature drinks. And most importantly, the fact that your company name or logo will go into homes all across the world and be a marketing billboard forever! What better way to serve drinks? In addition to single color printing process, we also offer a full color print capability for Rum Buckets!