These are REAL hand carved coconut cups! Our coconut cups are a great way to serve souvenir frozen drinks, souvenir specialty drinks and souvenir kids drinks. Each coconut is uniquely hand carved, so no two coconuts are the same. Serve souvenir drinks in a hand carved coconut to give your customers that unique tropical island experience that will allow them to remember your establishment for the rest of their life. Hand carved coconut cups are also great for keeping drinks cold longer. Each coconut comes with a real coconut shell top, inner cup and straw for the complete tropical drink experience! If you are interested in getting custom coconut cups with your company logo or message branded on them, please ask us. If you want to implement a new souvenir drink program with our and carved coconut monkey cups, we will be glad to design and create menus or other marketing POS to help promote your program. We do in house menu design and creation to meet your needs and maximize coconut monkey drink sales, which ultimately result in more profits to you're business!