22 oz. Bubble Pilsners 
Colors - Clear, Blue, Green, Red

Minimum Order Qty - 240
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Custom printed plastic bubble pilsner cups are a great way to promote featured specialty drinks or large souvenir beers! These cups provide a fabulous presentation to any drink. With several sparkling, bubbly, colorful choices, your logo will be sure to turn heads and be placed in homes all across the world. Bubble pilsner cups can be printed on 1 or 2 sides. You can even offer large sodas and iced teas in printed bubble pilsner cups. Best of all, we are one of the leading suppliers in the United States for custom printed bubble pilsners. This means we can deliver at a better price than others. Be sure to contact us and speak to one of our representatives about how plastic bubble pilsner souvenir cups can greatly increase profitability while creating a fun and unique experience for any guest!